Pilot Study Kit

In order to favour researchers who do not have the TURBO condenser and need to collect EBCs for tests or preliminary investigations before starting a real research project, Medivac has developed a solution called “Pilot Study Kit”.

The Pilot Study Kit consists of a series of standard DECCS 14 STcollection circuits, an aluminium sleeve for cooling the collection tube and an insulating shell for protecting the aluminium block: the latter two parts can be reused infinitely over time, while the collection circuits are disposable.

The aluminium sleeve is placed in one of the two insulating shells to be previously cooled using an external cooling source, specifically a freezer that reaches at least – 20°C, where it must remain for at least two hours; this method is also widely used by other well-known systems on the market.

The Pilot Study Kit, even in its simplicity, allows the use of some interesting solutions that accentuate its flexibility:
  • by means of a special adapter it is possible to insert the VOLMET 20volume meter on the collection circuit (for details see the dedicated page).
  • a thermocopy probe can be inserted in the aluminium sleeve to control the temperature of use of the device.
  • if sampling takes place in a potentially polluted environment, a special adapter can be used to insert an activated carbon filter on the collection circuit to prevent contamination of the collected samples.

With a low initial cost, it is therefore possible to start evaluation tests to verify the application of the EBC collection in search of interest, with the added advantage that the DECCS circuits used on the kit can also be used on our Turbo DECCS System, in the circumstances the researcher should decide at a later date to purchase our condenser as well.



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