AAV 14

AAV is the acronym for “Alveol Air Valve” and the number that follows indicates the model and the year in which it has been introduced into the market. It’s an electronic unit specifically designed and manufactured to improve the research and study of the exhaled breath ( EBC ), enabling the collection of a sample of alveolar air and the added ability to identify specific conditions from this sample of normally exhaled breath.
The AAV unit includes a “two ways pinch-pipe valve” with an electromagnetic actuator: the device includes a disposable collecting device, designed and manufactured for this peculiar purpose. One electronically controlled IR sensor, detects the CO2 concentration in the exhaled air present in the system, and when the concentration is >C50 ( Lowler Method ) allows the actuator to close the valve to avoid the collection of unwanted air. This simple and efficient solution can assist in the study of deep lung conditions using a non invasive and cost effective method, that can be frequently repeated.

The AAV can be used on its own for the collection of VOC’s only or in conjunction with the TURBO refrigeration equipment for collection of the cooled alveolar sample of the exhaled breath; it can be utilized both with conscious patients or ventilated patients using dedicated collecting equipment.

Technical Data

Electrical power:
by external switching Mod. DPS 53-M (medical)

voltage in: 100/240 Vac
frequency: 50/60 Hz
voltage out: 12 Vcc
power out: 60 watt

w 160 x d 190 x h 285 mm
3,9 Kg
Insulation class
Class I European Directive 93/42
CEI EN 60601-1(2007)
CEI EN 60601-1-2 (2010)

Symbols used
as per the European Directives
Range of use
temperature +10° ÷ +30°C
relative umidity 30÷75 %
atmospheric pressure 700÷1060 hPa
Carriage and storage
temperature range -5° ÷ +40°C
relative umidity 20÷90 %
atmospheric pressure 600÷1100 hPa
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